About Connect4SD

Connect4SD’s vision is an equitable and sustainable planet populated by respectful and self-aware individuals and organisations surrounded by healthy ecosystems.

Our mission is to help organisations devise and implement innovative strategies so that the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is not compromised by unsustainable short-term agendas.

Who we are

Lucas de Moncuit

Expertise: low carbon urban policy, international climate change advocacy, climate finance and carbon markets, ICTs for sustainable development, online platform design and management, sustainability project matchmaking

After a few years working in the financial sector in Switzerland, Lucas decided to reorient his career and work on projects looking to address sustainable development challenges. In addition to expertise in financial and project management, Lucas has worked on ICTs for sustainable development for the United Nations, on urban low carbon policies and climate action for ICLEI and WWF. Having lived in 5 countries and worked for entities from a variety of sectors, Lucas is used to dealing with projects involving large numbers of partners looking at sustainability from different angles.

Passionate about new technologies and having observed an information gap between solution providers and project developers in various sustainability areas, Lucas co-founded Connect4SD in 2016 to help accelerate the emergence and dissemination of solutions and practices that promote social justice, environmental protection and sustainable economic development.

Lucas holds a MSc in Sustainable Development from the University of Queensland and a BSc in Business Administration from the University of Western Switzerland.

Anja Brüschweiler

Expertise: gender and climate change, poverty alleviation, social and economic development, developing economies, quantitative research, multimedia content creation, communication

Anja trained and worked as a social scientist, development economist and journalist. Throughout her studies and career she has increasingly questioned traditional models of economic development and growth. This reflection has led her to become particularly interested in the social costs of climate change, particularly for women and minorities in developing countries. Anja has worked many years for the Swiss National Television, as well as in the development sector in Ghana and Bolivia.

Anja is the co-founder of Connect4SD, which she hopes will enable communities, organisations and project developers to become more visible, share their needs and information and connect with each other, as well as with potential partners.

Anja holds a MSc in Development Economics from the University of Manchester and a BA in Economics from the University of Queensland