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The Panzer-Deminers

Landmines are a deadly inheritance from wars. Across the world, there are still over 100 millions active mines. Removing them is a very risky business for bomb disposal personal. A team of passionate young swiss engineers has created a panzer-like vehicle that can be remotely controlled to clear mine fields. I followed them at the very beginning of their adventure. By now, they have created their own foundation and have become very successful in collaborating on numerous demining projects around the world.

Journalist, Camera and voice-over: Anja Bruschweiler
Have you heard of Hornuss?
RTS RadioTélévision Suisse
AI in the classroom

The idea that every child could have a personal robot tutor is no longer so outlandish, and some schools and countries have already introduced robots into the classroom. This animated video shows how a robot uses machine learning to understand how a child’s brain learns

Storyboard, Video Project Coordination and Blog Post: Anja Bruschweiler and Sabine Gysi
Video and Animation: Kurzgesagt
Jacobs Foundation Bold Blog

Between Schwingen (Swiss wrestling) and Unspunnen stone throwing, Switzerland has many quirky traditional sports. Hornuss is probably the least known of all. A sort of mixture between golf and baseball, Hornuss has still many players and supporters. I followed one of the teams during training and match day and discovered myself what Hornuss was all about. A little lesson in Swiss folkloreu2026

Editing: Cyrille Pierre
Journalist, Camera, voice-over: Anja Bruschweiler
Editing: Hervin Geney
RTS Radio Tu00e9lu00e9vision Suisse

This is the story of a couple of shepherds, among the last still practicing winter transhumance with their flock of sheep in the Jura mountains of Switzerland. I followed them during the harsh winter months, as they move through the snow in search of green pastures. A story of authenticity and simplicity in life.

RTS Radio Tu00e9lu00e9vision Suisse
The Snow Shepherds
Journalist and voice-over: Anja Bruschweiler Camera: David Schaller Editing: Cyrille Pierre
Imagining the new circus

The Gassers are one of the oldest circus families of Switzerland. For four generations, they have toured the country doing traditional circus shows. Then, Johnny, a member of the fifth generation left for circus school in Canada and came back with a whole new vision. I followed him during his first tour back in Switzerland. Portrait of a talented young artist reimagining his family circus.

Journalist, Camera and voice-over: Anja Bruschweiler
Editing: Hervin Geney
RTS Radio Tu00e9lu00e9vision Suisse
The Master (Pastry) Chef

From her childhood home, Arlette could see the bakery on the opposite side of the street and was already dreaming of being a baker herself. Many years later, her dream has become reality and her passion has driven her to become European Champion of her discipline. Portrait of one of the rare women a the top of the bakery and pastry game.

Journalist, Camera and voice-over: Anja Bruschweiler
Editing: Cyrille Pierre
RTS Radio Tu00e9lu00e9vision Suisse
The Journey of the Fallen Leaves

Where do the fallen leaves that cover our sidewalks and roadways go comes autumn? Between poetry and economic reality, I followed the journey of the fallen leaves for the economics magazine of the Swiss National Television u201cClasse Ecou201d. A fall story of roadmans, hard work, recyclingu2026and well leavesu2026and more leavesu2026

Journalist: Anja Bruschweiler Director: Wilfred Rebetez
Camera: Charles-Henri Boichat, Sound: Jean-Franu00e7ois Vouga
RTS Radio Tu00e9lu00e9vision Suisse
Journeys through Indonesia
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Western Wall Portraits
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Egyptian desert life
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Wildlife Portraits
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Improving womenu2019s lives through innovative water technologies

Water security has become a very hot topic in discussions on climate change adaptation. Access to water is one of the most basic human needs, essential to cooking, hygiene, sanitation and, needless to say to keep our bodies alive and functioning.

Text: Anja Bruschweiler
The Chain Liability Effect
Sustainability in Multi-Tier Supply Chains

When it becomes publicly known that products are associated with suppliers that engage in unsustainable behaviors, consumers protest, as Nestlu00e9, Zara, and Kimberly Clark, among others, have learned. Researchers have studied this phenomenon in more detail. Have a look at the video and find out what they discovered.

Researchers: Sabine Benoit, Julia Hartmann
Videoscript: Anja Bruschweiler
women gardens africa
Climate change and gender: Why should we care?

Environmental researchers have warned for years now that the destabilizing effects of global warming will inflict far more suffering on women than men. As climate change slowly kicks in, these warnings are becoming a sad reality. Unfortunately for women, climate change has become the next (very big) hurdle on the path to equality.

Text: Anja Bruschweiler
people urban gardening
Urban farming for a green future

Achieving food security and improved nutrition is a key goal of the sustainability agenda, which can only be reached by empowering communities to provide for themselves, especially in urban areas, where 60 percent of the world population is likely to live by 2030 and where food production is particularly challenging.

Text: Anja Bruschweiler
Entdecken Sie Lactofriend
Film and Animation: Lucid Production
German Voice-over: Anja Bruschweiler
installing solar panels
Smart financial mechanisms to increase access to sustainable energy

Energy poverty is a widespread phenomenon. Close to 15% of the worldu2019s population still has no access to electricity and when available, it is often either unreliable or too expensive. Access to clean energy, however, is crucial in the fight against poverty.

Text: Anja Bruschweiler
plastic village
Out of the box projects for valorizing plastic waste

We all know it: plastic pollutes, fills up the oceans, kills marine and terrestrial wildlife and uses up a great amount of non-renewables resources. So what can we do about it?

Text: Anja Bruschweiler