Introducing GreenJobPortal

For a while we had been thinking about options to extend the impact of Connect4SD beyond its usual activities in ways aligned with our vision and mission. Looking at our competences we realised that a strategy could be to leverage our communication and online platform management skills to better connect talented and dedicated professional with the most forward-thinking organisations.

The result of this process is called GreenJobPortal.

The concept of an employment website dedicated to jobs supporting the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals is not new, however, we thought the existing landscape offered room for a new player.

With our own approach we hope to offers a number of advantages to organisations and jobseekers committed to sustainability, including credibility, legitimacy, accessibility and transparency.

Credibility and Legitimacy

The adoption of sustainable corporate practices is our key mantra and we are keen to welcome on the platform any organisations with the same aspirations. This being said, even though in some cases the key activities of an organisation can be enough to reflect its engagement towards sustainability principles (as with NGOs), judging a company’s level of commitment is not always easy for a variety of reasons.

Because we do not consider the hiring of “sustainability professionals” an indicator of sustainability and in order to maintain the credibility of our platform we have decided that employers as well as their job listings would be subject to a registration and publication reviewing process. This policy is one the two pillars of our management philosophy.

Beyond a green economy

As the name does not indicate, we do not want to limit the scope of the platform to green jobs in the sense of jobs participating to a green economy. Instead, we would like the platform to be inclusive and attract organisations and individuals that are passionate about tackling sustainability issues of any type.

We hope that you will like our initiative and that you will take a few minutes to visit GreenJobPortal and maybe even support it by using the platform to advertise your future vacancies or find your next career opportunity.

Kindly note that during our launch period we allow employers to post 2 basic job ads for free. Past this period, packages for job ads will start at 100€ (excl VAT). You can see our full offer here.

In order to build our audience, we have already started manually filling the platform with job ads that meet our philosophy. If you see one of your organisation’s vacancy already listed, you will be contacted in the coming days to offer you to manage your job ad, to add a logo or even complete your organisation’s public profile (registration is free of charge of course).

In order for the next generations to benefit from sustainable social, environmental and economic conditions, the most dedicated workers need to find the most dedicated organisations and vice-versa. We will be happy if we can facilitate this match-making process just a little bit.

Sincerely yours,

Lucas de Moncuit

CEO and founder of Connect4SD

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