Sun, sun and more sun (please)

Hours of sun have been dwindling here in the Northern hemisphere over the course of the past few months. That’s unfortunate because we really love the sun at Connect4SD. So to make up for that lack of sunlight we decided to bring you some sun related projects, solutions and resources we collected and included in our databases. Check them out!

Among the off-grid solutions we have added is a great solar irrigation initiative developed by Myanmar Eco Solutions and Lorentz. The two companies have deployed a mobile solar irrigation pump in the Ayeyarwady Delta region in Southern Myanmar. Installed on a floating platform, the pump is mobile and is able to reach numerous rice farmers along the river.

Solar roads have been in the news lately and we also added a few such projects in our Project and Solutions directory. France has notably inaugurated its first solar road constructed in Normandie. The one kilometer long road should be able to power the street lighting for the 3400 inhabitants of Tourouvre-au-Perche. Other similar projects have already been developed in the Netherlands by SolaRoad, the world’s first solar bikepath, and in Idaho by Solar Roadways, which are readying to install the first solar driveways and parking lots soon.

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