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Naireeta’s Bhungroo is an innovative water management solution for farmers facing both drought and flooding situations. It saves farmers’ standing crop in flash floods while ensuring him/her water for cropping in the dry season and thus guaranteeing food security. Farmers with small land holdings are often deprived of adequate and t[…]
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Cambridge, MA, United States
More than 2 billion people use wood, charcoal, dung or agricultural residues as the primary fuel for their cooking and heating needs, leading to significant health, economic and environmental consequences. Burning wood or agricultural residues produces smoke with a variety of irritant pollutants, some of which are known carcinogens. More […]
Pathein, Ayeyarwady, Myanmar (Burma)
In 2014 we partnered with Lorentz and installed our first solar powered irrigation pump in Pathein, Ayeyarwady Delta. The Lorentz pumps vastly increase production (rice increases by 1 ton per hectare when irrigation system have been employed) by increasing crop yield, cropping intensity, cropping area and number of cropping seasons. These[…]
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San Francisco, CA, United States
Farm from a Box provides communities with the tools required to grow their own food and earn an income. Built from a modified shipping container, each unit contains a complete ecosystem of smart farm technologies to enhance agricultural productivity; from renewable power and micro-drip irrigation, to Information and Communications Technol[…]
One in four Africans still suffer from nutritional deficiency, whereas in developed countries, a healthy diet is in high demand. At the same time the world’s population is expected to increase by nearly one billion in the coming twelve years. How to cover the needs generated by this population explosion, while protecting the environment? […]
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