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Grundfos AQtap is an intelligent water dispenser that addresses some of the main challenges of providing reliable and sustainable water supply in the developing world. Through an integrated platform for revenue collection and online management of water kiosks, Grundfos AQtap supports the financial viability and accountability of water service operations.

Grundfos AQtap is a single product that combines three elements essential to smarter water management:

  • Smart cards – where water credits are stored on WaterCards
  • AQtap dispenser unit – where water is tapped and credits managed
  • Water management system – where data from transactions and operations are processed and published

Uncertainty is removed from revenue collection by water service providers, because credits are distributed within a closed system. Consumers can top-up their WaterCards in one of two ways:

  • Water vendor method, where credits are acquired on site
  • Mobile payment, where credits are acquired through mobile banking platforms


Grundfos AQtap can be installed in small or large water schemes in both urban and rural settings and operate as:

  • Water kiosk connected to network
  • Mini-grid of water kiosks connected to water supply
  • Water kiosk connected to water supply

When combined with the vast range of high quality pumps, controls, disinfection and water treatment solutions from Grundfos, systems can be designed to meet project specific requirements and criteria.
Features and benefits

  • Reliable and sustainable water supply
  • Surprisingly easy water dispensing
  • Uniquely efficient revenue collection
  • Smart water management
  • Access to water consumption and operation data
  • Full transparency and accountability
  • Improve efficiency in water kiosk operations
  • Improve capacity to expand water kiosk operations

Water kiosk connected to water network

The dispenser unit can be connected to the public water network, for a single water kiosk or a complete grid of grouped water kiosks. This is the cost-efficient solution for improving and expanding water supply services in urban and peri-urban areas.

All water kiosks are easily monitored via the online water management system, meaning you can expand operations, establishing a new level of professional and reliable water supply service for low-income communities and settlements.

Furthermore, the water price of connected dispensers can be managed centrally from the water management system, or locally on the dispenser with a ServiceCard.

Compared to traditional water kiosks, the water dispenser is easy to install, and its’ automated functionality provides convenient and reliable access for consumers.

To tap water from the dispenser unit, the consumer requires a WaterCard with a positive balance of water credits. The consumer buys water credits either on-site or using mobile payment. This supports cost-efficient operations of the water kiosks and automatic collection of revenue for the water service provider.

Minigrid of water kiosks connected to water supply

This is the reliable and efficient solution for water supply infrastructure for larger settlements in peri-urban and rural areas not connected to the main water network.

A complete grid of water kiosks can be supplied by water from the same water supply system, depending on the pressure. Solar driven Grundfos pumps provide water supply from groundwater or from surface water with an additional water treatment step, Grundfos AQpure.

A mini-grid of water kiosks with Grundfos AQtap dispensers brings the water supply closer to each household, expanding the reach and benefit of the water supply system. The pumping range and capacity of the solution can be customised according to the project scope and need. All water kiosks have integrated revenue collection and are monitored via the online the water management system.

This application of water dispensers in mini-grids is already benefiting several communities in Uganda and Malawi, where the development organisation Water Missions International is operating mini-grid water schemes. One example is the community of Bukungu at the shore of Lake Kyogo in Uganda, where 6,000 people receive their daily water supply via a mini-grid of three water dispensers supplied by one water treatment station. The water pumped from the lake uses a Grundfos CR Flex pump and is treated with the Living Water Treatment System developed by Water Missions International.

With this project design, the investment in the water treatment station is expanded to more community members and the water points reduce the distance to each household, thereby creating a higher water consumption and increased social impact. The current daily water consumption is 16 m3 per day, and Water Missions International is planning to increase the capacity of the project with additional dispensers and water storage capacity.

Water kiosk with water supply

This is the total solution for a sustainable water supply to smaller communities in rural and peri-urban areas not connected to the grid or water network. The water kiosk is connected to a water tank supplied by groundwater or treated surface water using proven Grundfos solar driven pumps and – if required – Grundfos AQpure water treatment systems.

The water kiosk has a water dispenser with integrated revenue collection and online water management system for reliable operations of even remote water projects. Furthermore, the pumping range and capacity of the solution can be customised according to the project scope and need.

The water kiosk with water supply was the first project design to be implemented based on Grundfos Lifelink technology. The majority of forty demonstration projects in Kenya are built on this model. Experience shows that the solar driven pumps ensure very reliable and low-cost operations, while providing enough quantity and pressure of water to be used for both domestic and productive purposes in the community. With the option to establish a service contract with a local certified service team, communities have technical support and are relieved of the burden of service and maintenance.

Text and Photos from Grundfos Lifelink Webpage. All rights reserved.

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