Azuri Paygo Solar Power

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Cambridge, United Kingdom
4 Saint Andrew's Street Cambridge England CB2 3AX GB

Azuri’s entry-level PayGo solar home system provides 8 hours of clean lighting each day and the opportunity to charge mobile phones at home. After paying a small one-off installation fee for their Azuri system, the user then uses an integrated mobile money service to top-up their unit. Importantly, this top-up is priced to cost less than their current weekly spend on kerosene and phone charging, so customers start making savings straight away.

A customer purchases credit through a mobile money service either once a week or once a month, and top’s up their unit from a T-Code received via text message. This keeps the Azuri system fully functional and in-credit, preventing the unit from shutting off. Over the course of typically 18 months, the purchase of top-ups allows the system to be paid off and the customer can choose to either unlock their Azuri system forever or upgrade to a larger model.

Text and Photos taken from Azuri Website. All Rights reserved.

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