Groupe Éléphant Vert Biofertilizers and Biopesticides

Rabat, Morocco
Rue Bani Mtir Rabat Rabat-Salé-Zemmour-Zaër MA

One in four Africans still suffer from nutritional deficiency, whereas in developed countries, a healthy diet is in high demand. At the same time the world’s population is expected to increase by nearly one billion in the coming twelve years. How to cover the needs generated by this population explosion, while protecting the environment?

Éléphant Vert has developed a range of products that can complement or replace conventional farming inputs, as well as financial and technical services to support adoption of sustainable farming practices. Its three production units have a capacity for 100’000 tons/year of biofertilizer and 120 tons/year of biopesticide.

Through its activities, the company pursues not only an environmental, but also a social goal. In the last three years, Éléphant Vert has created over 400 jobs across Africa.

Éléphant Vert is a swiss commercial group created by Antenna Technologies, a specialized foundation in research, adaptation and transfer of innovative technologies to fight poverty and promote sustainable development.

Text and Photos (partially) taken from the Elephant Vert website. All rights reserved.




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