Mapdwell Solar System 3D Solar Potential Mapping Tool

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Solar System is an open, online rooftop-solar remote assessment tool that allows any community to discover their underlying solar resources. It reveals the solar potential of building rooftops through state-of-the-art, hyper-precise, advanced technology developed by a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) and licensed exclusively to Mapdwell.

Solar System is a carefully designed decision-making tool that empowers users with a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis through its open, intuitive, interactive platform. Through this education and awareness approach, Solar System enables individual action and broad, organic solar adoption.

Individuals, communities and entire cities can discover the solar potential of a rooftop by clicking on their location on the map. The tool also gives information on  installation prices and energy and financial savings over the years, allowing homeowners and local communities to conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis of installing solar power on specific rooftops.

Eight cities in the United States, plus a few more in Chile, have been mapped so far and the team is working on expanding the offer.

Text and Photos inspired and partially taken from the Mapdwell Website, as well as the MIT News Site. All rights reserved.


DC MA NY Map.jpg 4 years ago
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